My First Book Project, The Most Awesome Online Class, & Giving Back

Very First Sneak Peek From A To Z For D-O-G. Letters S & T

Wow. This has been a journey of "just keep trying", "don't give up", and "one more edit". My very first Book Project, A To Z for D-O-G has been a labor of love for the last two years. As a book I wrote, illustrated, and designed myself it has been like a new member of our family.

My husband and I started to craft this idea while on a hike in the Berkshires and it quickly became an addiction. He has been my proofreader and credit is due for almost co-authoring this one, helping me fine tune my ideas.

The book is based on our beloved Miniature Schnauzer who in his younger years had many grand adventures out in this big world with lots of doggie friends along the way.

The Process-

The first self-publisher I used proved to be great quality but super expensive. Recently however I took the most FABULOUS online class ever with this super amazing and talented Author/Illustration Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and learned about a different option so am super excited to try it out! If you think you are interested in writing, either for yourself or for resale you MUST check out her social media pages and consider taking on of her classes- You will NOT regret it. I learned so much and look forward to taking any future classes she may offer. She is a super talented Author/Illustrator and quite frankly just darn inspiring! She was like a breath of fresh air that I needed to get moving on this!

The Business Model-

While I hope this business will help support my family I also want to help give back to the community. That being said the plan is that $1 from each published book will go back to a different organization.

What's Next???

Stay tuned- Follow my pages on Insta and Facebook! I hope that my posts will inspire you to follow your dreams, share your own, and whatever your craft is keeping working hard at it! And seriously check out Michelle's class if you are interested in writing. (Link above- she was so very inspiring!!)

And for you- keep dreaming and working hard!!

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