Good times and hard times- + Staying Positive <3

Wow, it was super exciting to wake up this morning to some happy news! Thank you NRI.NOWNEWS for an awesome news story which I am going to include the PDF of below about the release of "A To Z For D-O-G" and the launch of Tiny House Creative Studio. If you are reading this than THANK YOU! Any support and press small businesses can get is so wonderful.

Now...if you are reading this and have a dream of your own than I hope you are working towards it.

I ENCOURAGE you to work towards it. Seriously. Right now- even if you only have five minutes to start. There is not going to be a "perfect time" or "having the right amount of money". Today is that day my friend! You have to work through the hard times and the good times. Work through the kids punching you in the back saying- "Mom" "Mom" "Mom" while you are pouring milk into a bowl of Cheerios - while simultaneously on a marketing call.

You have to work through the fear- the "what if I fail" mentality. Because you know what- I will answer that for you right now. If you "fail" you will learn a whole lot and can just keep going forward. Failure in itself is the base for knowledge. Socrates once said, "I know I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing". See Mom ;) my Philosophy degree always seems to come into play these days...

I am sharing this because I don't want you to give up, to quit on dreams you may have. They are too important to walk away from.

As I write this today, times are tough here. Our senior dog Pete has been up most nights and wondering most days. He is 14 years old and has the equivalent of Dog Alzheimer's. He has been diagnosed for a few months now and we have tried a few different medicines to give him every great day he can have- but it might be time to say good-bye soon, and that is weighing heavily on us. We are also dealing with some tough family news which is heartbreaking and to throw homeschooling and regular life in the mix ... it would be easy to give up.

But we stay positive. We keep trying- and most important we try to share love not hate. And by doing so we keep moving forward. Even if it is 5 minutes at at time- day by day! This doesn't mean we don't cry. There has been a lot of tears mixed in with the happy lately- but it means afterwards we get back up.

Because that is what it takes- So keep moving forward my friends!


Create, Love, Dream

From Carissa @ Tiny House Creative Studio

P.S. This is one of my favorite quotes- I will share it with you in hopes that it inspires you, as it does me.

"Life isn't meant to be easy, it's meant to be lived. Sometimes happy, other times rough... But every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong." -Unknown

P.P.S. Coffee up and go crush your day!

.news-Burrillville woman releases

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